DigiPath is an evolving tool. In submitting your feedback, we can find out what works, and what you think might work better.

During the pilot phase we received some great feedback to help us shape our first ‘live’ version, and here’s what we did:

Whilst the majority of you found registration straightforward, we’re aware that some emails are going to junk mail/other inbox. We’ve added some wording to alert new people who are registering.

Welcome page
We’ve simplified this to create a shorter page with a bit less information, creating additional pages about DigiLearn and Credly badges.

A few of you felt that some questions were a little too application specific – you might be doing great visual presentations, but not necessarily in PowerPoint. So, we’ve changed most of those questions to be broader and not specific to a particular application. The ones we haven’t changed are Outlook (our only email/calendar application) and Microsoft Word (as our core document application).

We also had feedback that the questions were specific to academic teaching staff, and not all academic staff have contact with students. This first version of DigiPath is focusing on teaching staff and we’ve tried to make that clear on the welcome page. Going forward, we hope to also have pathways for non teaching/support staff. Where we can though, we’ve changed wording to reflect supporting students or colleagues.

General usability
Some of you had issues with the progress bar stalling at the end of a pathway and not displaying your results page. We’ve removed that feature so you should see the results page straight away, without the progress bar.