Our DigiLearn programme programme enables and empowers colleagues in sharing their digital approaches, reflecting on practice and celebrating success.The framework is fundamentally defined around three levels of award; Practitioner, Advocate and Champion. Each award entails its own set of unique additional criteria around sharing digital practices both internally and externally.

For each award, the required evidence includes a combination of:

  • Completing one or more digital pathways in DigiPath
  • Achieving Microsoft Innovative Educator/Expert status
  • Writing a guest blog post for TELT blog
  • Written and video case studies
  • Presentations and publications
  • Supporting colleagues in developing innovative digital approaches

All evidence is compiled and submitted to the TELT team. As part of a bespoke professional academic practice framework, DigiLearn supports the implementation phase of our ambitious Learning and Teaching Strategy.

DigiPath is a great starting point for your DigiLearn journey.  Think of DigiPath as your kit bag of reflective tools to get you thinking about, and developing your current digital practices.  As you move through the DigiLearn framework, revisit DigiPath to review your progress and open up new development resources.

To get started, talk to your Faculty Learning Technologist or email TELT@uclan.ac.uk.