Case study: Xerte

Building workbooks with Xerte

Alice Thompson – Senior Lecturer, School of Sport and Health Sciences


An online workbook was needed for students that they could access off campus. The aim of this was two-fold; encourage learning outside of the classroom and provide interesting, dynamic materials to support learning.


During the Xerte training workshop staff were impressed by the variety of page templates available and the simplicity of building the workbook. They were able to develop this tool utilising a diverse mix of materials. Whilst including links to policy documents and relevant websites, staff could also incorporate graphics and videos of real life carer experiences to bring the subject to life. This, combined with quizzes and other interactive activities, encouraged curiosity and promoted engagement. The workbook web link was also easy to embed into Blackboard for student access.


Xerte has has allowed students to consider the subject at their own pace at a convenient time and location for them. They can also return to the workbook throughout the module. A class discussion was timetabled for students to feedback as a method of formative assessment and to give a deadline for completing the activity part way through the module. The workbook is transferable to other modules therefore saving valuable preparation time.