Case study: OneNote Class Notebook

e-portfolios with OneNote

Neesha Ridley – Senior Lecturer, School of Community Health and Midwifery

The OneNote notebook was used as a tool and as a method of assessment by tutors on the midwifery course. 

The students on the midwifery course complete a portfolio across all three years of the course, within a module named midwife 1 (Y1), midwife 2 (Y2) and midwife 3 (Y3). The portfolio allows students to demonstrate their progression throughout the course, allowing them the opportunity to demonstrate their development ready for employment. The use of OneNote allows the students to embrace the digital approach to recording their development within a portfolio – a space where they can document their achievements and development through the programme, allowing them to build on the portfolio each year.  

The students are able to share their OneNote portfolio with future employers, when they are attending interviews, to demonstrate their development to future employers. The whole midwifery team and the midwifery students have embraced OneNote, as a method of assessment. By creating class OneNote portfolio, module leaders have been able to track student’s engagement throughout the academic year and the OneNote portfolios are submitted as a pdf file through Turnitin each year, as a method of assessment.  

Using OneNote as an assessment method across all three years of the midwifery course, has allowed a consistent approach to teaching, learning and assessment for the whole midwifery team. It has given the midwifery students a chance to work together and demonstrate their development throughout the course. By using this digital approach to learning and assessment, students have also had the opportunity to develop digital literacy skills, ready for employment.