Case study: Meetoo

Student evaluations with Meetoo

David Foster – Lecturer, School of Nursing


There was a need to obtain and analyse student evaluations of the modules at the middle and end points of the delivery in a more effective way. Existing paper-based process are time consuming and ineffective for large amounts of data.


The Meetoo application allowed us to create the modulate evaluate survey within an electronic platform that could be easily delivered to students using their smartphones and mobile devices. The application’s real-time presentation of the data meant that students’ perceptions about the module were instantly available following the meeting. The best feature is that you only need to set it up once and you can share within your teams; the questions are reusable.


Using Meetoo in this way allows for quicker analysis of the students’ perceptions of the module and reduces academic’s administrative burden in completing module evaluations. The data is instantly available and does not need to be collated, this is a massive benefit on large

modules, the largest session I did collated 191 students feedback for analysis by the end of the evaluation.