Case study: MarS

Electronic feedback with MarS

Tracy Bradford – Senior Lecturer, School of Forensic & Investigative Sciences


Some assessments require the submissions of documentation such as laboratory notebooks. Yet these assessments have often lacked a system for electronically recording and feeding back to students, with all of the associated benefits that online and digital technologies can bring. We needed a system that could allow these kinds of assessed items to be processed in this way.



The assessment involved forty students, working within a group conducting ten experiments, with each experiment being written up within a laboratory book that allowed the students to develop their practical understanding of experiment design and the various phenomena related to fire. The MarS sheets enabled the tutor to clearly set out the criteria being assessed and to electronically record the grade given for each component within the submitted documents.



Using the MarS marking sheets allowed detailed feedback for each experiment to be recorded and to be seen against each assessed criterion. This allowed the students to easily see where the mark were allocated and why they were given a specific mark for each assessed element. The marking sheets are really easy to complete and a very useful feedback instrument.