Case study: Turnitin

Electronic assignment submission with Turnitin

Author: James P Battersby – Module Leader, Historical Contextual Studies


Marking assignments and providing feedback to large numbers of students


I have a large cohort of students who take my compulsory first year Contextual Studies module, and have used Turnitin for marking essays and giving feedback for essays for a few years now. 

This allows me to:

  • Quickly check who has submitted (and who hasn’t!)
  • Instantly check the plagiarism report (I encourage students to submit early to check their own work for plagiarism so they can make corrections and resubmit before the official hand-in date).
  • Instantly check word counts
  • Use ‘Quick Marks’ which contain my most commonly used comments – thus saving a great deal of time wring the similar comments
  • Keep a selection of feedback comments in ‘Quick Marks’ too which speeds up written feedback
  • I can decide whether to allow late submissions
  • Turnitin allows me to decide when the students can see their feedback / marks
  • There is also an excellent facility to give verbal feedback – which I am going to try out next semester!


Apart from all the above, electronic submission allows me to deal with large numbers of students’ work easily and quickly, and (thank goodness) the LIS Turnitin Team are always on hand for help and advice.