Case study: Relay

Making the most of Relay to record lectures and students.

Author: Greg Littler – Senior Physiotherapist, School of Health Sciences


Our students are required to complete a presentation out on placement to their clinical educators and a member of staff. Previously we recorded these with a Dictaphone and sent both this recording and the slides to the external examiner.


I have used Relay all year in one of my modules and also record students whilst out on clinical placement. I allow colleagues to review my recordings so that they can look at what students have learned and the way they engage with specific material. This has allowed me to self-evaluate the way I discuss specific points, e.g. if there was a topic that I’m not sure the students fully understood and I have been able to review the recording and see if there is a different way of explaining a topic.


The impact on the student learning experience has been wholly positive. Students are able to review material if they are unable to attend. Students who have specific learning difficulties no longer need to record the lecture, as it will be all online anyway. Some students want their own recording, which is fine however, those who do not wish to draw attention to themselves by handing over a Dictaphone no longer need to. Event capture has inspired me to embrace the use of new technology within teaching. I am attempting to look at ways to use it for practical sessions as this can be difficult to capture.