Case study: Meetoo

Using Meetoo to increase engagement in large groups of students

Author: Dorata Ujm – Senior Lecturer in Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise


Active and collaborative learning for a large group of students.


I like Meetoo – I think it is a great tool for a number of reasons. It allows me to ‘hear’ students’ voices in a lecture, which is not easy when I’m facing large groups of students. Active and collaborative learning focuses on getting the student to do something—be it cognitive or physical— and therefore helps to engage them in their learning. This is where technology like MeeToo may come in useful with its live polling, Q&A and anonymity features. I tried it out with quiet, disengaged or shy international students – it seemed to work in each case.

I used it in July this year (2017) and wanted to embed it in my workshops in November. I ran a fun-quiz as a warming up activity and I also utilised it as a platform for my mid-module review questionnaire (Start – Stop – Continue). I trialled the mid-module questionnaire and I must admit I much preferred it to the paper-and-pen version, where I always feel a bit awkward about collecting the questionnaires from the group (even when they do it for me!). Students were also more open in their concise, but helpful comments about my module. I think it’s fun and I’ll try to use it more regularly, so I don’t forget how to get the most out of it…